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Custom software design
Custom software design

Website design with PC SOFT WebDev®

FOR OVER 10 YEARS, our team has built a solid reputation of quality and speed in the analysis and custom application development processes. Our expertise has allowed us to successfully complete several application certification processes with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Apple and Google. With WebDev®, we develop 10 times faster for a perfect result!
Customized SaaS??
Software as a Service (SaaS) is generally based on a generic web application designed for a certain type of activity or profession. Although usually flexible, the standard SaaS model often requires the user to adapt.
Here at Optimum Conseil, we believe that SaaS
should adapt to the user and not the other way around!
Hosted software for everyone
Whether you’re launching a business, you’re a licensed professional, or you are self-employed ... you too can have YOUR own customized hosted software.

We want to give you privileged access to hosted software solutions that fit your budget. We offer a support service that will allow you to adapt your hosted software as your needs evolve.
YOUR hosted software + YOUR Website
We also design quality responsive websites for an engaging online experience and efficient conversion. Think about it ... customized software + a website + converged hosted data, with us as your single contact and technology partner!!
Our main achievements

Adaptive portal for integrated risk management in care and services. This new portal will be offered in spring 2020 in SaaS formula. It will be available in three languages (Fr, En, Sp).


This new portal (Gesrisk SaaS) integrates the best of the features developed in the previous version, certified by the Quebec Ministry of Health. Its ergonomics, its functions, its indicators, are used with tablets and smartphones ... everything has been revisited in 100 times better!

Adaptive full web portal for data analysis of the Quebec Health andSafety Information System (SISSS). Dashboard with filtered analysis indicatorsand event rate widgets for accidents, medication errors, etc.


An MS-Excel version is currently used by several institutions in theQuebec health network: McGill Health Center, the Quebec University HospitalCenter and CISSS Montérégie-Center.

WebRTC videoconferencing platform for screen sharing, audio-videorecording and dynamic interaction between teacher and students.

Internet training

Videoconferencing platform dedicated to online training given by theInstitute of Zootherapy of Quebec - International, in partnership with Franceand Switzerland.

Web Application (RWD) to evaluate the cost of options for a new home. Areal value-added sales tool for the promotion of residential projects.

Residential projects

This portal includes customization of options: images, description,prices, etc., as well as the APCHQ calculator. Currently used by Gestion C. Clermont Inc.

Mobile App for high intensity interval training, available on the AppleStore and Google Play. Several training methods are offered: Tabata, Little, HIIT 8, etc.

Sports training

The Kalos HIIT app is available in 3 languages ​​(fr, en, es) and iscurrently used in more than 50 countries worldwide.

They trusted us
How can we help you ?
Retire outdated in-house software. Simply describe your needs and we will contact you shortly to assess your project and provide you with a free estimate.
We use WEBDEV, AGL Internet

WebDev® is a software engineering workshop produced by PCSOFT. It allows us to quickly set up  Internet and Intranet sites and applications(Web & SaaS) that manage data and processes. Webdev also generates PHP. Ourteam has been using it since 2007.

OVH - Our global hyperevolutionary cloud provider

Applications and websites developed for our customers are hosted on one ofOVH's 300,000 servers.OVH has been designing, managing and maintaining its own data centers since2003. For more than 15 years, OVH has been constantly developing new solutionsto protect its customer’s data. To ensure high throughput, OVH provides highquality bandwidth with low latency. OVH has chosen to invest in its own fiberoptic network. Managed with DWDM equipment, the OVH network offers a totalcapacity of 12 Tbps to the global Internet.

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